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Long / Short Credit

Emerging Markets

Structured Credit

Relative Value

Event Driven

Global Micro

Managed Futures / CTA


What we do

Fundamental Analysis

  • Customized Models Based on Key Business Drivers
  • Quarterly Earnings Preview Analysis
  • Post Earnings Review and Model Assumptions Update
  • Earnings Call and Transcript Review
  • Acquisition/Divestiture Modeling
  • Cash Flow Quality Analysis
  • Creating Equity & Industry Themed Research Reports
  • Creating Stock Screeners
  • Creating Comprarables Sheet with Relevant Metric Tracking

Quantitative Analysis

Data Processing 

  • Data Mining & Classification
  • Text Cleaning & Web Scraping
  • Word Frequency Analysis
  • Social Media Listener

Data Analysis

  • Statistical Simulation
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Back Testing & Stress Testing Strategy
  • Regressions and Hypothesis testing
  • Economic Indicator Tracking
  • Insider Trading & Activity
  • Commodities Performance Tracking & Analysis

Credit Analysis

  • Debt Structure and Leverage Analysis
  • Cash Flow and Recovery Models
  • Country Risk Analysis
  • Credit Screens
  • Credit Rating Models
  • Covenants and Indenture Analysis
  • Yield Comparable Analysis
  • Sum of the Parts Analysis


NVS Analytics was established to meet the need for high-quality, cost-effective research and analytical support for financial institutions around the globe.


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